Fall Session 2021
Held September 25th, 2021—December 18th, 2021

Algebra and Combinatorics Trail Mix  

Instructor: Nicole Shen

In this course, we will go over some common techniques used on mid AMC- to early AIME-level problems. Students will become familiar with methods and tricks that cover a variety of topics, especially in combinatorics and algebra. Topics include bijections, algebraic manipulation, using inequalities, sequences and series, and recursions.


LESSON 1: Counting Clever Correspondences

LESSON 2: Algebraic Manipulation

LESSON 3: Inequalities

LESSON 4: ∑equences and ∑eries

LESSON 5: Recursion and States

LESSON 6: Look to the Future

Counting Strategies  

Instructor: Michelle Kang

This course is designed to help you enhance your combinatorics problem solving skills for early to mid AIME level problems. We will cover many different techniques, such as constructive and complementary counting, recursion, expected value, and bijections.


LESSON 1: Counting Principles

LESSON 2: Sets

LESSON 3: Bijections

LESSON 4: Recursion

LESSON 5: Other Topics

LESSON 6: Combo Test

Cute Geometry  

Instructor: Vivian Loh

This course covers all sorts of AIME-level topics related to triangles, plus a tiny peek into olympiad geo with cyclic quadrilaterals and cool orthocenter properties. Some topics included are area, Power of a Point, and trig bashing.


LESSON 1: Similarity and Congruence

LESSON 2: Lengths and Areas

LESSON 3: Triangle Centers

LESSON 4: Circle Magic

LESSON 5: Trig

LESSON 6: Geometry Test!

My Favorite Things  

Instructor: Isabella Quan

Vieta, trig functions and prime number theories ♪
Mass points, right triangles and coordinate bashing ♩
Manipulation and geometric series ♬
These are a few of my favorite things~

In this class, we’ll be talking about a variety of tricks that are prevalent on the AMCs and early to mid AIME which I find to be particularly elegant or beautiful.


LESSON 1: Odds and Ends of Geometry

LESSON 2: Best Minecraft Mods: Modular Arithmetic

LESSON 3: It's a Sin to not Know Trig: Trigonometry

LESSON 4: I Used Algebra to Destroy the Algebra: Algebraic Manipulations

LESSON 5: Tree Roots and Polynomial Roots: Vieta's

LESSON 6: Stream Sequence by IZ*ONE: Sequences and Series