Spring Session 2021
Held March 6th, 2021—May 29th, 2021

Computational Geometry  

Instructor: Serena An

This course will cover early-to-mid AIME level geometry related to triangles, circles, and trigonometry. Topics include similar triangles, triangle centers, cyclic quadrilaterals, power of a point, trigonometric identities, and coordinate bashing.

This course will run on Saturdays from 3-4pm Eastern.


LESSON 1: Triangles I

LESSON 2: Triangles II

LESSON 3: Circles

LESSON 4: Trigonometry

LESSON 5: Miscellaneous

LESSON 6: Review and Test

Counting and Probability Principles  

Instructor: Sanjana Das

In this course, we cover common methods in counting and their applications, on early to mid AIME-level problems. Topics will include constructive and complementary counting, PIE and constructing sets, bijections (such as Stars and Bars), recursion, and path-counting.

This course will run on Saturdays from 4-5pm Eastern.


LESSON 1: Counting Basics

LESSON 2: Sets

LESSON 3: Bijections

LESSON 4: Recursion

LESSON 5: Counting Paths

LESSON 6: Counting Test!

My Favorite Things  

Instructor: Isabella Quan

Vieta, trig functions and prime number theories ♪
Mass points, right triangles and coordinate bashing ♩
Manipulation and geometric series ♬
These are a few of my favorite things~

In this class, we’ll be talking about a variety of tricks that are prevalent on the AMCs and early to mid AIME which I find to be particularly elegant or beautiful.

This course will run on Sundays from 4-5pm Eastern.


LESSON 1: Odds and Ends of Geometry

LESSON 2: Best Minecraft Mods: Modular Arithmetic

LESSON 3: It's a Sin to not Know Trig: Trigonometry

LESSON 4: I Used Algebra to Destroy the Algebra: Algebraic Manipulations

LESSON 5: Tree Roots and Polynomial Roots: Vieta's

LESSON 6: Stream Sequence by IZ*ONE: Sequences and Series

This course is designed to strengthen students’ counting and probability intuition skills at the early-/mid-AIME level. Students will learn a range of approaches, including constructive and complementary counting, simplification and recursion, invariants, bijections, and strategic bashing. Lectures will be heavily problem-based as AIME counting problems tend to rely on strategies and ideas rather than formulas.

This course will run on Sundays from 5-6pm Eastern.


LESSON 1: The Three C's

LESSON 2: Judicious Adding

LESSON 3: Level Up!

LESSON 4: Bijections

LESSON 5: Graph Theory

LESSON 6: Farewell